Saturday, 14 December 2013

A necklace 18 years in the making

Back in the summer, I worked on probably one of my favourite custom projects so far...

My clients wanted a necklace for their god-daughter's 18th birthday gift. The brief was that they wanted it to have some connection to her name, India, and for it to make use of a piece of amber that they had actually acquired on a trip to India 36 years ago.

Early ideas revolved around using her name or initial, and then changed into incorporating something to reflect India the country. We decided to use the lotus, India's national flower.

During brainstorming for how to work the amber and a silver lotus charm together, my client suggested having the amber linked above the lotus charm, so that it would look like a flame.

When I received the amber, it came wrapped in its original, 36 year old paper packaging. The amber had a lovely shade of caramel and was beautifully faceted, but in some way I thought the packaging was even more precious.

I was so excited after setting it and joining all the pieces together.

It was wonderful to have helped realise such a special gift which had been in the planning since a little girl was born 18 years ago, and which obviously held so much sentimental value.

And that is what I loved the most about it all: the story behind the necklace and the stories it will hopefully go on to be a part of. I feel it is such privilege for me to have been able to play my part in that.


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