Saturday, 23 February 2013

Same song, different sound

I love it when I stumble across new artists. Youtube threw up this suggestion the other day and I am so glad I clicked to listen to it. PSY's Gangnam Style was all over the place last year. Everyone did a version of the dance and I lost count of the different flashmobs, but I hadn't heard an actual (good) cover of the song itself.

Well, Australian/Korean twin sisters Sonia and Janice of Jayesslee have turned a really overplayed and slightly annoying song into a cool little acoustic number. It sounds so different, and their harmonies are really good. Have a listen! I promise you it's good; better than the original even.

Good right?! And if you liked that, here it is with an added funky bass by pinnhuk, which changes the sound again. Love it =D

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