Sunday, 10 June 2012

Little Lottie

Last year I bought a plug plant of lavender, a pink variety called 'Little Lottie', to try growing some on my balcony. It started off quite well; I potted it as soon as it arrived and it seemed to establish really well, with new growth sprouting not long after. Unfortunately over a few weeks I managed to over-water it and, as lavender hates soggy roots, it started to die. When I pulled it out of its pot the roots had begun to rot.

As luck would have it though, one of the branches had dropped off the main stem and buried itself in the soil, so I left it in there, hoping that perhaps it would take root.

Well, by this spring it had redoubled in size and I was so happy when little flower buds started appearing.

This is a few of the cuttings from that little plant which I almost killed. How resilient must it be?


  1. Little Lottie...what a cute little name! Glad to hear your plant did come back! :) xx Holly

    1. It is such a cute name! ^^ Thank you, I'm glad it came back too =D xx


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