Sunday, 20 May 2012

Globe to Globe

As part of the World Shakespeare Festival this year, the Globe theatre has been playing host to theatre companies from all over the world for their special Globe to Globe season. All 37 of Shakespeare's plays are being performed over 6 weeks, each in a different language.

I've been to see 3 of them: A Midsummer Night's Dream in Korean - it was so, so good! Really funny, with a great twist on the original plot and incorporating Korean music, costume, make-up and theatre style; Titus Andronicus in Cantonese - I didn't know this grim tale before...let's just say I don't think I'll see pies in the same way ever again; and yesterday I caught Romeo and Juliet in Brazilian Portuguese - I loved it! The folk carnival-esque costumes and decor, the circus theme, the music and the singing!

I would have loved to have actually been to see the Haka that was in the Maori Troilus and Cressida O_O

Globe to Globe goes on until 9 June, catch it if you can!

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