Friday, 16 March 2012

Of woodland sprites & ocean critters in rainbow colour

Allow me to introduce you to, if you are not already acquainted with, the wonderfully whimsical world from the imagination of May Ann Licudine, aka MALL.

She posts as frecklefaced29 on deviantART and I've been a fan for ages - many a times I've wanted to show her work on my Thursday ♥ features, but I kept delaying so that I could do a full post on it because I just couldn't choose only one piece.

An artist from the Philippines, her beautiful colour pencil drawings and acrylic paintings evoke the magic of cute spirit worlds with lanterns and Japanese festival masks, forest sprites and deep sea creatures.

I absolutely love her use of colour: every piece bursts with it. Oh and all the little details!

Her graphite and black and white pencil drawings are just as good with their soft and dreamy focus, and still, the details!

Visit her blog and gallery for more! ~*~

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