Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tea time and a clash of colours

People sometimes ask me where I get ideas for designs to make into my handmade jewellery from. It varies! At times I'll have an image of what I want to create and will look for specific parts until I find exactly the components that are right, other times I'll have a brainstorming session with all the beads and charms I have and suddenly designs will just create themselves.

These earrings came from such a session one night (idea storms often seem to come into my head just as I am about to go to sleep...). I'd recently acquired these coloured resin roses and was playing arond with ideas of how to incorporate them into earrings. I have lots of unusual beads and colours I don't normally use which I keep 'in case', and it's always exciting when they work themselves into a design. I love the colour clash in 'Frida's Garden' and 'Sea Rose', and the soft pastels in 'Love Letter'.

These 'Time for Tea' necklaces on the other hand were in gestation for a long time. I had the image of what I wanted them to look like and spent ages waiting for the right set of miniature porcelain teacups and plates to appear.

All available in my Etsy shop ~*~

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