Saturday, 23 July 2011

Weekend DIY - Matryoshka doll sewing set

When I was younger I found my mum's Russian doll set rather fascinating; I liked the way the same doll got smaller and smaller and fitted inside each other like a puzzle (and made rather sweet, if odd sized, bowling pins...). Now I've found an even cuter way you can make use of your Matryoshka dolls - turn them into a handmade sewing kit! Follow Vintage Violet's easy steps to make the Russian doll pin cushion HERE.


  1. My Mom had a set of those that she got out on special occasions (when we were at the doctor office and needed me to be quiet) I totally adored them. What a good idea for a sewing kit!

  2. Awww...Hehe listen to us being nostalgic.
    I agree! Often they just sit on shelves but this way they get to look sweet and be used for something too.


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