Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Pete Revonkorpi

pesare (aka Pete Revonkorpi) is another artist I've been following for a long time on deviantART.

I love the soft blurred edges and simple shapes and colour palettes that he uses, but above all I love the strong sense of narrative in his illustrations.

Each painting seems to be telling a story from the dream-like world of his imagination and I love their sense of the sweetly surreal.

I especially like the animations he has done where the story unfolds as the painting is being painted. This one is Coffee - the 'short story of an addicted mind'.


  1. Wow, Pete's work is amazing. I loved that video...I will have to check out his blog. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  2. Yes do! Glad you like. Thank you for always taking the time to comment =D


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