Sunday, 24 July 2011

Making raindrops

Here's a peak at how I make the raindrop pendants. First I stick a paper backing to the fabric snippets, then I choose by eye the parts of the pattern I want to use and cut out the shapes.

Then I seal the metal parts with Mod Podge to help prevent chemical reactions with the glue which can discolour everything. This bit I tend to do in advance as you can just leave it to dry and cure. It also means I have batches of them ready to use whenever I need.

Next I set in the fabric pieces and the clear glass cabochon over them with clear drying Diamond Glaze. You can do both at the same time or you can set in the fabric, let it dry and then set the glass over it. I usually set both in at the same time because I'm impatient.

But this is the slightly tricky part because you need to make sure all the air bubbles are squeezed out from under the glass, otherwise any left can ruin the clear image. As the glaze will take a while to dry, you will need to periodically keep squeezing until it has dried with no bubbles left behind.

Tip: be careful with the amount of glue! If you put in too much, it'll just spill over the sides when you squeeze and make things messy. It can be wiped off when still moist or scraped off when dry though so don't worry if it does.

The raindrop necklaces and all the others in the glass series are available in my Etsy shop ~*~

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