Saturday, 30 April 2011

Weekend DIY - Teacup Bird Feeder

I think I have a tea cup obsession. Not only because they remind me of Alice's Tea Party every time I see one, but because they're so incredibly versatile. You can drink your tea or eat puddings out of them, or you could use them in crafts and turn them into candle holders, planters, pin cushions, and now I've found another one - adorable handmade bird feeders.

Just imagine a few of these popped up around a garden. So sweet! Follow Cap Creation's simple steps HERE.


  1. Love this!!! :) I need a few of these outside around my house! Great tutorial too! :) Have a great weekend! xo HOlly

    1. Glad you found the link useful =D Hope you had a great weekend too. Thanks for the comment and follow ^^


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