Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Taro Hakase

Famous Japanese composer and violinist Taro Hakase held several impromptu recitals all over London last week to raise funds for the Red Cross Japanese tsunami appeal. I found out about it when he went on BBC Breakfast to spread the word. He played a short piece which he had originally composed for a TV series in Japan. He explained that because normal broadcasting had ceased due to the disaster, people hadn't been able to hear the tune, so he wanted to play it for them. It was very moving.

I made it to his performance at the Fortnum and Mason department store that afternoon. It was packed - people crowded around the spiral staircase on all 4 floors. You know when a musician is very passionate, the sound just has something different. It was rather special. Wish I could have seen him busking at St Pancras station (!)

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