Friday, 18 February 2011

Mini presents

One of the many things I love about shopping online is that, every time a package comes through the letter box, it feels like Christmas to me. Whether it's books or clothes, new supplies or actual gift items, I get excited when the parcels arrive and I get to open and unwrap my latest purchase. What makes it even nicer is if the sender has gone all out in the presentation - it feels even more like opening a present.

My latest supply order from miandmisupplies arrived this morning and I was very pleasantly surprised by their beautifully colour coordinated packaging. Supplies usually come only in simple self-seal polythene bags, so I wasn't expecting this at all. The purple and yellow even continued inside with a yellow gift box underneath the purple tissue paper. It was a really lovely touch, made even better because the actual beads are adorable.

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