Monday, 6 December 2010

Sungha Jung

Youtube has opened up a stage for lots of people. It's wonderful because so many talented artists would otherwise struggle to be noticed, or, to look at it another way, we would be deprived of seeing them.

Sungha Jung is one such talent. Although I daresay this young fingerstyle guitarist would have been noticed one way or another. Hailing from South Korea, he was only 10 when his homemade videos of him playing acoustic covers got the people who heard him to pay attention.

With amazing dexterity and a musical interpretation years ahead of his age, he is an insanely gifted prodigy. Many world renowned guitarists have played with him since his rise to fame.

He recently released 'Perfect Blue', his first album of his own compositions. He has already toured Asia, parts of Europe and was playing in America last month.

If you listen to him with your eyes closed, you will not believe he is not yet 15. The mind boggles to imagine how he will sound at 25.


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