Sunday, 3 October 2010


Some things sit in my stash of supplies, waiting to be made into something beautiful. I generally buy beads and findings with an idea of how to use them at some point.

I love fimo roses. The smaller the better because I imagine the smaller they are, the harder they are to make to actually look like little roses.

As I've also finally worked out how to do simple knot work using the pretty satin ribbon cords I found a while ago and my lovely 'Beginners in Chinese knotting' book, I decided to try it all out together in the form of charms.

Here's a pink one

Here's another version in yellow

And here's a more traditional one using a carnelian butterfly that used to be in a necklace which didn't quite work

I'm working on another one now that uses a darker fimo rose, going to try for the gothic Victorian style I think.

All sold ~*~

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