Thursday, 2 August 2012



You know when things happen, when a series of things happen, that seem like one coincidence after another? And it makes you wonder if coincidence can begin to feel a little like fate? I had one of those the other day...

I had a wonderful English teacher during my GCSEs; she was also my head of year and it was she who had interviewed me when I needed to change schools in year 8. So, a special teacher to begin with. She was also incredibly inspiring: outspoken, brave and always encouraging us to be our best and believing in what we could all achieve. Leading by example, she upped-roots just before our A-levels started and moved to the US. She kept in touch with as many of us as possible through emails and meeting up whenever she was in the UK. Eventually though I lost touch with her. It'd been about 4-5 years since we'd last been in contact.

So last Friday I was walking home from the post office after sending out an order. I decided to walk through the market that's close to home; other times I will walk via the main road because it's less crowded. I had my headphones on and was wearing my sunglasses as it was really sunny. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a woman with short hair peering at me intently and mouthing something. I looked more carefully and it took me a couple of seconds but I realised it was my English teacher! There was some high pitched 'I don't believe it!' and emotional hugging by the side of the road. She was in England for the summer and was in the area to visit a friend.

We caught up super briefly and she made me promise to get in touch again, then we said our goodbyes. I walked home in a slight daze from thinking about the chances of bumping into my teacher like that. How many little sequences of events had to have taken place in order for both of us to have been at the same place, at the same time, and to have crossed our paths again after such a long time?

I suppose the same could be said of meeting anyone in our lives... but still, the mind boggles.

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