Sunday, 21 February 2016


Mongolian folk rock is a thing and it makes perfect sense.

I mean, come on, descendants of the people who conquered most of Asia and Eastern Europe... let me just repeat that bit: people whose forebears included Genghis Khan and his army (!), rocking out to electric guitars mashed with traditional Mongolian instruments and throat singing! The epic-ness of this combination is off the scales. My brain can't contain this much awesome.

Here is a group called Hanggai performing on Chinese talent show Sing My Song, which showcases singer-songwriters, singing their original song 輪迴 or Samsara. The translation can be Reincarnation, or Life Cycle - the circle of life: of birth, death and rebirth of all living things.

'Hanggai' is a Mongolian phrase which, according to the group themselves, roughly translates to 'the ideal, untouched wilderness' that describes the beautiful vast landscape of the Mongolian steppe, its open grassland, mountains, rivers and blue sky.

The coolest thing is, Hanggai are well known outside of Mongolia and China too. And the wonder of the internet has connected everyone to everything. I give you, Hanggai's official Facebook page and Youtube channel.

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