Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Made a cheesecake

My mum loves cheesecakes and we often buy amazing ones from an Italian café on our  high street. This weekend I thought I'd try making one; I wanted to have a go at making a non-bake one because the recipes always look so simple.

It really is just a case of crushing biscuits for the base and whisking the cheese topping together and then leaving it overnight in the fridge.

This one turned out a bit too sour unfortunately. The recipe called for the juice of 2 lemons and I'd already cut it down to 1½ but it was still too much. The topping was very creamy though and despite worrying that it was too liquid when I put it in the fridge, it did set overnight. So I know it works. Once I've perfected it, I'll share the recipe =D

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