Saturday, 21 January 2012

Weekend DIY - 'A Friend in Need' Pack

Perhaps it just happens when you reach a certain point in life, but last year I went through and also shared some pretty tough times with my close friends.

Due to work, a lot of them don't live close by, and so, apart from long phone calls or physically going to visit them, I like to send postcards with inspiring quotes as part of my arsenal for helping to lift spirits up.

Which is why I really love this idea by Masha of Ornamelle. A small pack of little pick-me-ups that you can put together and post to a friend who isn't feeling so great. And the best thing is, you can put anything into them! Small, silly things that are going to make them smile. See Masha's post for more ideas of what to put in your 'friend in need' emergency packs.

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