Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tracks in the Snow

A poem for anyone who's ever lost their way. By Sherry Sharp of Dream A Little Designs. Read the original blog entry for the story behind this uplifting poem. Thank you Sherry for letting me share your beautiful writing.

Tracks in the Snow

You followed the tracks in the snow
under branches bowing your head
out to the clearing laid low
ankle-deep and faithfully so
you followed the tracks in the snow.

Without warning
they died down ahead,
your heart, in your chest, sinking like lead.
A tumbling, inescapable game~ of domino.
Where are the tracks, you said!
Where are my tracks in the snow?

Disappearing tracks in the snow?
Wondering now where to go?
Stand still for a minute and see…
The day leads to only where it can be.

This is where destiny has led
To an empty, unspoiled snow bed
Close your eyes now…
Feel the falling fresh snow lick clean at your face.
Summon your innermost grace.
Stand resolute of the steps to be tread.
Newborn is the promise that lies up ahead.

For it is not the tracks you’ve misread,
but the footprints behind to retread,
not in what went right or wrong,
but to recall your sweet soul and integrity song.

Winter lasts only so long.
To me you’ll always be golden, a boy all aglow
a gifted one ~ still so much to show.
Trust who you are.
Because what brought you here will surely bestow
Brand new trails! Splendid trails!
I have faith, you will sow.

~Sherry Sharp copyright 7/2010

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