Saturday, 20 August 2011

Weekend DIY - Under shelf storage jars

I am sure I once saw a version of this storage idea where the glass jar was stuck to the underside of a desk, but I can't remember where.

Anyway! I think this is a such wonderfully quirky way to organise and store small bits and bobs. Simply superglue the lid of the jars onto the underside of a shelf (or desk) and twist the jars on and off to use. A cute storage place in an instant.


  1. I keep meaning to do this sort of thing in my studio - my husband had a shelf in the garage utilising this method, where he stores screws in little plastic tubs.The lids are screwed into the shelf, I think, but the tubs screw off in the same manner. I would need glass containers like yours, to see what I'd stored inside each one!

  2. Yes! It's such a pretty way of seeing what you've put away. =D I think putting a small screw through the middle of the lid as well as the superglue would attach it even more securely. It would completely defeat the purpose if the glue didn't hold....

  3. Such a clever idea, I must do this! x


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