Friday, 12 August 2011

And now lets get back to normal...

It's been a strange week here in London and around the other cities in England. Everyone I've been talking to has been absolutely horrified at the senseless violence over the past days that has destroyed livelihoods, left people homeless, and even caused a lost of lives.

I cannot understand it. What excuse can justify the opportunistic widespread arson and looting that has been going on? It's really sad and infuriating to have seen so many young people (and also some supposedly responsible adults) wrecking havoc, hiding behind masks and hoods, taunting and boasting at the expense of completely innocent members of their own neighbourhood. What is it that made them so disregarding of anything or anyone? How is it that they have no civic pride or any sense of responsibility?

The police presence has been heavy on the streets and it looks set to remain so for a while yet. It's good to have seen that individuals and communities have got together and fought back. Here's hoping things are truly under control again.

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