Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Books for free

Probably a bit late on the news, but Amazon has launched free apps which let you read their ebooks without actually needing to get the Kindle. You can use it on a PC or a Mac, and there are apps for the iPhone, iPad, the Blackberry and the Android. Although, the Blackberry app doesn't seem to be available on the UK site yet.

And the best thing? Lots of the classic books which are no longer copyrighted are free to download. Like Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, and even Darwin's Origin of the Species.

Your Kindle reading app is synced with your Amazon account and so once you download the books, they are stored in your archive and you can go back to them anywhere and anytime you want.

Still, I don't think reading on an electronic tablet gives you the same feeling as holding a printed book; the smell of a new print, the touch of paper, the weight of a well bound hardback...and if you drop your paper book you're also not as likely to have a heart attack, especially if you like to read in the bath.

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