Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Anthropologie Love

A while ago whilst browsing online, I came across a pair of shoes by a company called Anthropologie.

I remember being slightly annoyed that it was US based and therefore had to stay on my theoretical wishlist.

So I was really excited when I realised they had decided to move across the pond to open a shop on Regent Street, with a European online site to start later this month.

I went to see the store on Regent Street and fell completely in love. It's like walking into a living canvas. Whimsical and quirky, poetic and pretty, vintage and modern...a wall made up of real plants, Japanese kitchenware, shabby chic armchairs, boats hanging from the ceiling...I could spend hours being inspired in there. Except, everything's very expensive. So it still stays on my theoretical wishlist. Lol.

It's almost like walking into how I would like my own head to look like =)

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